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"Rachelle is authentic, extremely supportive, caring, open and understanding in a way that is rare to find. I love how she explains things!! She takes something as complex as trauma and brain healing and simplifies it in a way that aids in our ability to heal ourselves of our past. Because of her passionate approach, I'm finding my voice, my  boundaries and putting myself first for the first time maybe ever. I can't say thank you enough Rachelle!" - L.D.

"When I started using Rachelle's method, I couldn’t even imagine not taking klonopin because I was terrified of going back to how horrible I felt before it…but I also hated taking it. ANYWAYS, an unforeseen transformation (meaning it wasn’t the top reason I started working with Rachelle) was that I was easily able to taper off the rest of klonopin! I did this of course under the supervision of my doctor but all of the healing and systems and tools we learned in the  program helped me officially wean off the rest of the klonopin because I knew I had the tools to help me deal with my anxiety and symptoms." — C.K.

"Having read the books that I'd read, it gave me enough understanding of brains and trauma to realize that what Rachelle is sharing is the Actual Road Map that the rest of these books circle around. Using what Rachelle has taught me has gotten me to the place that Brené Brown describes: healthy boundaries, independence of spirit, self-forgiveness, a growth mindset, etc." Allison L.